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MacVector for the analysis of DNA and protein sequences

A Library Bioinformatics Service demonstration

The Library Bioinformatics Service presents:

MacVector: Software for the analysis of DNA and protein sequences


Presented by

Yariv Houvras, Assistant Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

MacVector provides numerous functions for DNA and protein analysis, including sequence editing, primer design, internet database searching, protein analysis, multiple sequence alignment, phylogenetic reconstruction, coding region analysis, and agarose gel simulation.

Yariv will demonstrate how his lab leverages MacVector for experimental design and analysis. This software will soon be available at a discounted rate through the library scientific software hub, so come and find out how MacVector can help your research!


Samuel J. Wood Library

Library Commons Area

1300 York Avenue

Monday, July 24th, 12 noon – 1 p.m.

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