Art Show Guidelines

Guidelines for Exhibit Arrangements and Displaying Art in the Library

  • Exhibits can be arranged for any period of time, from two months to six months (or more), as agreed upon by the Library and the artist(s).
  • The library organizes and hosts all of the art exhibitions, and approves the final selection of all artwork displayed.
  • It is generally expected that art will be in place for the full duration of any given show; works will not be hung after the starting date and will not be taken down before the ending date.
  • Works must be dropped off and picked up between 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on the designated day, unless special arrangements have been made with the library. Each artist must complete an Art Show Receipt and a WCM Artwork and Agreement Release Form. Packing materials must be removed by the artist(s) upon delivery.
  • Works will be installed at times that cause the least disruption in the use of the library by its regular clientele.
  • All artwork must be ready to be hanged. Canvas works, if not framed, must be finished on edges. Sculptures may be placed in locking display cases, if available.
  • After the close of the Art Show, all artists must make arrangements with the Library to pick up their artwork within one week of close date. The Library is not responsible for work left after this time.
  • Please be aware that the Samuel J. Wood Library at Weill Cornell Medicine carries no additional insurance for artwork, nor hires extra security, and cannot be held responsible for unforeseen situations or loss.

Art Show Visitors

  • The library is not open to the public. Visitors not affiliated with the Weill Cornell will need to make special arrangements with the library to view the art.
  • For each exhibit, it may be possible to arrange a one-time, 2-hour art show reception to which artists may bring guests. The reception date will be chosen by the Library during a period that will cause the least disruption in the use of the Library.
  • For community shows, the group organizer will notify the Library at least two weeks in advance an anticipated guest list for the reception.

Artist and Pricing Information

  • The Library is not a commercial gallery or sales outlet, and will not engage in any activity to jeopardize the nonprofit status of Weill Cornell Medicine. Discussions of pricing information or purchasing must be held in a location outside the institution.
  • No price tags will be affixed to the works exhibited.
  • Artists may display their business cards on the day of the reception. Library staff will forward any requests from outside parties to the artist using the contact information provided on the Art Show Receipt.

For additional information, please email