Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 20th. ed.

Jameson, et. al.
Publish Year: 

New features of this Edition include:

  • Thoroughly revised content – covering new breakthroughs in clinical medicine
  • State-of-the-art coverage of disease mechanisms - focusing on pathophysiology and with the goal of linking disease mechanisms to treatments
  • New sections – covering a wide range of new and emerging areas such as Gender-Based Healthcare, Diabetes-Obesity-Metabolic Syndrome, and Medical Consultation
  • Frontiers in Medicine – addressing cutting-edge topics in research and medicine such as epigenetics, genomics and infectious disease, telomere function, and more
  • Updated clinical guidelines – expert opinions and treatment approaches provide clinicians with guidelines and a clear blueprint for optimizing patient outcomes
  • Fully updated Cardinal Manifestations of Disease – explaining the underlying physiologic, anatomical, and biochemical changes that result in the outward expression of signs and symptoms
  • Hundreds of new images and visuals added for a total count of over 1,600 illustrations and 1,400 tables

Harrison’s Podclass Audio Series (Board Review)

New audio series will be covering key issues that all residents and clinicians in medicine need to understand, both for patient care and for board exam preparation.

Each episode is a discussion between two highly engaging host physicians on a case vignette from the acclaimed Harrisons Self-Assessment and Board Review.  These downloadable episodes will cover key pearls of wisdom in addition to correct and incorrect answer explanations.  Launched 10 episodes and will continue to add four new episodes each month as the series grows.  You can access these directly under the multimedia tab at: Harrison's Podclass.

Harrison’s Pathophys Animations

Introduced brand new Harrisons High Yield Pathophysiology Animations.  Each episode covers a disease mechanism tested on USMLE and rotational exams.  Running time of each episode is only 4-8 minutes to appeal to the busy schedules students face.  Additional episodes will be posted every month for the next several months.  You can access these animation directly under the multimedia tab at: Harrison's Pathophys Animations.