Masking policy relaxed; eating and drinking policy reinstated

Following the College's updated Covid policy, wearing a mask inside the Library will be optional for all vaccinated users beginning Tuesday, September 13, 2022. In addition, eating and drinking in the Library will be allowed for vaccinated individuals. See updated Covid policy.

Vaccinated users who can successfully swipe in through the Library gates using their ID card may remove their masks when inside the Library, except when meeting in the small group study rooms. Meetings in small study rooms require masking at all times.

Anyone whose WCM/NYPH ID does not open the gates will be required to show the staff their completed online attestation, which is still required at the 1300 York Avenue entrance, before being allowed to enter. Anyone who cannot log into WCM or NYPH online attestations will not be permitted to enter and must go to Security to address their ID issue.

All affiliated users currently allowed to enter the Library will be screened manually and asked to fill out a paper attestation verifying their vaccination status.

Eating and drinking inside the Library is now allowed for vaccinated individuals. The following is permitted everywhere (except in small study rooms):

  • Small snacks (foods such as chips, nuts, pretzels, and cookies)
  • Covered beverages

The following is permitted only in the Commons Lounge:

  • Open meals, take-out, and messy or aromatic foods

Small study rooms:

  • Meetings in small study rooms require masking at all times
  • Eating and drinking is prohibited when meeting as a group in small study rooms

Please dispose of trash and report spills to Library staff immediately. Individuals who do not follow this policy will be asked to discard the items or leave the Library.

News Category: Service Alert