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Tracking faculty publications with the TrendingPubs and NewPubs reports

The TrendingPubs report is a monthly list of articles published in the past two years scored by how much activity these publications are receiving in scholarly reference management tools. A 2018 study shows that activity in reference tools can be a leading indicator for the number of citations a paper will receive. The report includes articles authored by active WCM faculty, PhD students, MD-PhD students, and MD students. 

One of the articles in the November TrendingPubs report with the highest TrendingPubs Scores is this "Clinical Practice” article by WCM physicians David A. Berlin, Roy M. Gulick, and Fernando J. Martinezpublished on May 15, 2020. It provides key clinical points concerning the evaluation and management of severe COVID-19. It also includes several helpful color figures, including a timeline of symptoms of severe COVID-19, indications for endotracheal intubation, and principles of ventilator management. This article was published at a relatively early phase in the pandemic. Because of their role in WCM’s response to the early surge of COVID-19 in New York City, the authors were able to provide valuable insight to other healthcare providers at a time when evidence on management of patients with severe COVID-19 was still evolving.  

In addition to the new TrendingPubs report, ITS offers the NewPubs report. The NewPubs report is a monthly list of articles authored by active WCM faculty, PhD students, MD-PhD students, and MD students, and which have been added to PubMed in the last month. It includes information about the article: title, authors, journal name, journal impact factor, and author's rank on the paper (e.g., first, last). The report also includes author's departmental affiliation, divisional affiliation, or academic program affiliation.  

Both reports require login to Weill Cornell’s wiki service, Nexus 
If you have any feedback about these reports (especially the new TrendingPubs report), would like to add someone as a recipient, or feel like this is a helpful service, please contact Paul Albert, Identity & Access Management Architect. 

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