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Temporary Loss of Journal Access?
Every January the Library experiences temporary loss of access to some electronic journals. In most cases, this is due to our renewal not being entered into the publishers' databases. We can usually correct the problem within a day or two after we notify the publisher of the problem. If you are...


Tech Tuesday - MyNCBI , February 28, 2017
Learn the ins-and-outs of this feature in PubMed, like saving searches, citation collections, author bibliographies & more!. Presented by Becky Nelson & Stella Sigal in the following location...
Security will be in the library to fix IDs on Wednesday, 3/1/2017, from 10am-4pm , March 1, 2017
Does your WCMC/NYPH ID work on the library security gates? Security officers from the ID Unit will be on site in the library on Wednesday, 3/1/2017, from 10am-4pm to resolve ID/security gate issues. 

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Medical Center Art Show Opens; Reception on October 6, 4-6pm

Sep 26 2016 - 11:15am

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Interested in conducting historical research? Want to learn about the history of the medical center? Need illustrations for your presentations or publications? Visit the archives.