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Notary Public Service

Notary Service is unavailable at this time.

The Samuel J. Wood Library offers Notary Public service for WCM and NYPH-Cornell community. The free service is available by appointment only during the hours listed below:

Monday- Friday 1pm-2:30pm

Please read the following guidelines before using our Notary service:

1. Please bring a valid, government-issued photo ID card - i.e., a current, valid passport, a current, valid driver or non-driver license, or a US military ID card.

2. All documents must be completely filled out in advance except for where your signature is needed.

3. All documents must be in English.

4. If a witness is required, the person requesting Notary service is responsible for providing a witness. The witness will also need an acceptable photo ID as listed above. The Library will not provide witnesses and witnesses may not be solicited from customers using the Library.

5.  Maximum of 3 documents per visit.

Please note the following exceptions:

1. A notary cannot notarize documents that have already been signed.

2. In accordance with New York State Law, a notary cannot perform Copy Certification (confirm that a reproduction of an original document is a true reproduction, ex: birth certificate, marriage certificate).  You must visit the State-issuing offices for these services.

3. Notary service is not available for power of attorney, mortgage documents, deeds, wills, living wills, living trusts, codicils, depositions or vital records. These types of documents can require specialized knowledge and are beyond the scope of this service. 

4. The notary cannot perform oaths of office.

Please be advised that the person performing this service retains the right to refuse notary service at his or her discretion.

Additional Notaries are available in the following locations:

Patient Services
Main entrance 68th street
*Will NOT notarize financial documents

Jeff Lewis and Associates
200 E 74th Street
New York, NY 10021

TD Bank
1091 3rd Ave (64th St. and 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10065

The UPS Store
326 E 65th Street
New York, NY 10065