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eCommons: Weill Cornell's Institutional Repository

How to Submit to eCommons

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Before your first submission

Before submitting material to eCommons for the first time, there are two, one-time only steps required:

  1. Create an account by registering with eCommons. User should use their Weill CWID for the email address.
  2. Get approved to submit:
    1. You should be contacted by an Administrator with your approval.
    2. If not, contact the eCommons Administrator with the name of the Collection or Collections to which you want to submit.

After you are registered and approved to submit

At any point during the process, you may cancel the submission, or save what you have entered and return to it later.

  1. Login to your eCommons account.
  2. Select "Start a New Submission."
  3. Select the Collection to which you want to submit your work. The list will contain those Collections to which you are autorized to submit.
  4. Read and agree to the eCommons Deposit License.
  5. Fill in the forms. The more complete your description, the more likely that others will find your work quickly. For advice on describing your content, see Metadata tips.
  6. Upload your file and provide a short file description.
  7. Verify your file upload and add additional files if necessary.
  8. Verify your submission. Please review the content description and file. Click "Next" to complete the submission.

After you submit

You should receive an e-mail message explaining how to access and refer to your submission. If your submission requires approval, then you will get your confirmation e-mail message after the submission is approved.

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