NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell (New York Hospital), 1771-

Note: Institutional records are closed for research until 25 years after their date of creation. See Patient Medical Records for information regarding patients.

Below is a partial list of archival holdings:

Administrative Boards and Offices


Board of Governors, 1771- 

President, The Society of the New York Hospital, 1906-1972

     PDF icon President, The Society of the New York Hospital, 1906-1972

Office of Deputy Director, 1955-

     PDF icon Office of Deputy Director (Melville Platt) 1955-1988

Office of Professional Services, 1931-

     PDF icon Cosmo Lacosta Record, 1962-1989

     PDF icon Office of Professional Services, 1931-1983

Office of Secretary/Treasurer, 1772-

     PDF icon Office of the Secretary, 1818-1933

Medical Board, 1876- 


Office of Associate Director for Professional Services, 1931- 1999

Office of Deputy Director (Platt), 1960s-1980s 

Superintendent/Director/President/CEO, 1814-1825, 1867-1870, 1901-

Departmental Records

Ambulatory Care Services, Records, 1967-1980, 1990s 

     PDF icon Ambulatory Services (Associate Berman), 1967-1977

Department of Anesthesiology, 1948- 

     PDF icon Department of Anesthesiology, 1948-1969

Burn Center, 1976- 

Campbell Cottages, 1897-1932 

Department of Dermatology, 1936-1985

     PDF icon Department of Dermatology (Daniels), 1936-1985

Emergency Unit, 1958-

     PDF icon Emergency Unit, 1958-1976

Library, New York Hospital, 1836-1898 

Department of Medicine, 1907- 

     PDF icon Department of Medicine, 1907-1990

Department of Neurology, 1968- 

Department of Nuclear Medicine, 1920-1986 

Nursing Service/Division of Nursing, 1928-

     PDF icon Committee on Nursing Organization, 1928-1934

     PDF icon Director or Nursing Service and Dean of the Nursing School, (Muriel Carbery), 1927-1978

     PDF icon Director of Nursing Service and Dean of the Nursing School (Eleanor Lambertsen), 1942-1983

     PDF icon Operating Room Nursing Department, 1942-1978 

Department of Ob/GYN (Lying-In Hospital), 1932-1995 

     PDF icon Department of Ob/Gyn, 1932-1979

     PDF icon Ladies' Auxiliary, The Society of Lying-In Hospital, 1987-1985

Department of Ophthalmology, 1980s 

Out-Patient Department, 1891-1892, 1916-1932, 1946-1963, 1974 

Department of Pathology, 1860, 1878-1942, 1971-1988 

Pharmacy/Apothecary, 1816, 1882- 

Department of Pediatrics, 1938-1959, 1961-1996 

     PDF icon Children Blood Foundation, 1951-1974

     PDF icon Department of Pediatrics, 1961-1980

     PDF icon Department of Pediatrics, Institutes for Physicians and Nurses in the Care of Premature Infants, 1949-1980

Department of Psychiatry (Payne Whitney), 1899- 

     PDF icon Department of Psychiatry, 1932-1989

Department of Radiology, 1925-1981, 1992 

Department of Rehabilitation, 1961-1996 

Social Work Department, 1912-1983, 1986- 

     PDF icon Social Work Department, 1912-1983

Department of Surgery, 1858- 

     PDF icon Department of Surgery (Paul Ebert), 1932-1975

     Division of Plastic Surgery, 1960-1968 

Department of Urology, 1858-1879, 1917-1942, 1964-1998 

     PDF icon Department of Urology-James Buchanan Brady Foundation, 1917-1942

Volunteer Department, 1932-1978, 1988- 

Other Records

PDF icon Bicentenntial Committee, 1960-1972

House Staff (Residents) and Professional Staff, 1792-1991 

Publications, 1934-

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