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24/7 Study Space


  • All patrons are welcome to use the Library‚Äôs 24/7 Study Space during regular business hours.
  • During the hours the Library is closed, the 24/7 Study Space is only available to Weill Cornell medical, graduate, and PA students, clinical fellows, and NYP residents. The space can be accessed after hours by members of the above mentioned user groups via swipe using their ID cards. Only eligible users will be able to swipe in. Additionally, the lock is on a timer, so early swipe-ins will set off the alarm.
  • The night entrance to the 24/7 area is located in the Lasdon Biomedical Research Center corridor (past the Griffis Faculty club). At all other times, entrance to the library should be through the main doors only.
  • If you are studying in the 24/7 area at closing time you will be asked to leave the library and re-enter the through the Lasdon Biomedical Research Center corridor door by swiping your ID card.
  • Under no circumstances should you swipe in or open the door for anyone, or prop open the door. This is a matter of security and personal safety. If you notice anyone giving access to unauthorized individuals, leaving the door ajar or if you have any other concerns please call Security: (212) 746-0911 or notify the security officer making rounds throughout the evening.
  • Occasionally, Library, ITS, Security and/or Maintenance staff may require access to the 24/7 space for operational purposes during hours the Library is closed.