The Health Professionals Access Program

The Health Professionals Access Program (HPA) was established to improve access to health information for credentialed New York State health professionals who are not affiliated with Weill Cornell Medicine.  The program provides on-site access to the Samuel J. Wood Library for a yearly fee, allowing the subscriber to use library materials and resources during our hours of service. Borrowing and remote access privileges are not included.

HPA Fees

For individual health professionals: the fee is $250 per year - please complete the Individual Subscription Form.

For health-related institutions: fees are listed below - please complete the  Institutional Subscription Form.

  • Profit-making institutions: $2000 per year
  • Non-profit institutions: $1000 per year

The institutional fee provides access privileges for one designated cardholder. Should that designated employee change, we will issue a card for the remainder of that year’s subscription to a new employee of the institution's choice. Additional cardholders may be designated by the parent institution at the following rates:

  • Profit-making institutions: $200 each per year
  • Non-profit institutions: $100 each per year

Payment Information

Payment in full is required at time of registration. Submit the proper form, along with a check made payable to the Samuel J. Wood Library to: HPA Program, Samuel J. Wood Library, 1300 York Ave., New York, NY 10065.

Individual HPA subscribers must register in person at the Library SMARTDesk and present current New York medical license or evidence of credentialing, a copy of which will be retained for our records. Designated employees of participating HPA institutions may also apply.

The library will issue each subscriber an identification card, printed with the subscriber’s name and the expiration date of the subscription. This card must be presented for each visit to the Medical Library. The identification card is not transferable, and will be confiscated if the bearer is not the individual named on the card. As library users, all subscribers are bound by the regulations of the Samuel J. Wood Library and should follow the rules for user conduct and all guidance provided by library staff.

If you have questions, please contact the Library SMARTDesk: (646) 962-2570.

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