Request a Systematic Review

Collaborate with expert searchers to publish your systematic review. The Weill Cornell Medical Library has knowledgeable staff to guide you through this evidence-based process. Please contact the Information Desk to learn more.

Systematic review collaboration may include:

  • Helping to define a research question
  • Assisting in developing and registering the protocol
  • Targeting specific databases and other resources to be searched
  • Identifying database-specific search strategies using a combination of keywords and controlled vocabulary to maximize precision and recall
  • Conducting literature searches
  • Snowballing  - pulling references from bibliographies, pulling "cited by" references and identifying related articles
  • Delivering results into a bibliographic management tool such as EndNote or Mendeley
  • Performing search updates in selected databases
  • Suggesting journals relevant to areas of research
  • Recommending MeSH terms and keywords for articles
  • Providing access to Covidence, a systematic review tool

Once a search is completed, a librarian will write the literature search methodology section for the submitted manuscript, maintain records of search results, and follow up with alerts and updates as needed.

Librarians are co-authors on systematic review collaborations.

Samuel J. Wood Library offers an advisory service for Weill Cornell students conducting systematic reviews as part of their educational program, including AOC projects. For more information on the SR process, with links to tools and resources, please see our guide, here. If you'd like to request a consultation for more guidance, please fill out this form. Librarians can meet with students to discuss the process and provide guidance throughout. This can include:

  • Referral to relevant guidance documents and reporting standards
  • Feedback on framing the research question
  • Feedback on initial search strategy
  • Advice on relevant electronic databases and sources to search
  • Advice on reporting of methods in the manuscript

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