Tell us your Library Story

The faculty and staff of the Weill Cornell Medical Library support work within the Weill Cornell community in a myriad of ways, both inside and outside the library walls.

From traditional services like class reserve, pre-publishing support, and manuscript preparation - to participating in clinical rounds and teaching first-year students evidence-based medicine - the library faculty and staff are committed to providing expert services, as well as access to the highest quality information.

One of our best stories comes from Robert Allan, Ph.D.:

What is your library story? We want to know.

We are compiling stories about the Weill Cornell Medical Library, for use in promotional materials. Let us know about that librarian or library staff member who gave you extraordinary service, how that key article helped you to provide better patient care, or how the library played a part in getting that million-dollar grant. If you have a story about how library resources or services have helped you in your work, we're eager to hear it.

Please fill out the form below so we may contact you, and thank you for your continued support of the Weill Cornell Medical Library.