Information for WCM Summer Program Students

This page contains links to relevant information for undergraduate students participating in Weill Cornell summer programs. Contact Andy Hickner, Education & Outreach Librarian, to suggest links to add to this page.

Library Spaces

You will need to swipe in and out of the library at the gates at the entrance using your WCM badge.

Wireless Access

Students should self-register personal phones with MobileIron to access the WCMC wifi network.

Library resources are unavailable on the WCMC Guest network. You can either:

  • Use the eduroam wifi network to access Weill Cornell library resources.
  • Use library online resources from your home institution, which are generally accessible on WCMC Guest.

Getting Help from the Library

Finding Articles

We have video tutorials on how to get full text of articles while using a using a WCM ITS-tagged computer on-campus on the WCMC wifi network. If you are off-campus or using the WCMC Guest network, you will need to get articles through your school's library.