Food and Drink

In the interest of your convenience, the library's food and drink policy allows you to enjoy a snack and covered beverage while studying. Adhering to this policy will help us preserve the materials, equipment, furnishings, and environment of the library.

The following are permitted everywhere:

  • Small snacks (foods such as chips, nuts, pretzels, and cookies)
  • Covered beverages

The following are permitted only in the Commons Lounge:

  • Open meals, take-out, and messy or aromatic foods

The following are permitted in the Collaboration Room:

  • Breakfast and lunches may be served during meetings 

Please dispose of trash and report spills to library staff immediately.

Individuals who do not follow this policy will be asked to discard their items or to leave the library.

Spillproof Mug

Spillproof mugs can be purchased at the Cornell Store for $10.