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What file format should I use?

We prefer to print from a PDF, we can also print from properly formatted Microsoft Publisher or Power Point files. It is essential that you format your document before submitting it to us as we do not offer design services, but can assist with minor edits.

What does “Print Ready” mean?

Print Ready means that your design and layout are complete, require no additional corrections or adjustments and is ready to print. We can provide some suggestions from a production standpoint to make your job run smoothly. We have the ability to help with minor edits, however we do not provide design services.

How long will it take to have my project printed?

Orders are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Your specific project will have a lot to do with it. A simple copy job can be produced quickly. Jobs that require more processes, such as cutting, binding, folding, etc. will add to production time. We will give you an accurate completion time when we review your job request. You may also speak with our production staff if you need an immediate answer.

How long does it take to print a poster or a banner?

We pride ourselves on completing orders as quickly as possible. The usual turnaround time is 2-3 business days. This allows time for edits and to ensure the best quality for your poster. In special situations posters may be completed in 24 hours or less. It may take longer if your file is not formatted correctly. Poster Mounting Posters may be mounted on foam core boards. Two sizes are available 20”x30” and 24x36”. They are typically used for displaying on easels

How large can my poster or banner be?

One side of your poster can be 44″ or less. The other side can be up to 10 feet long. Polypropylene banners can be 36” or less and up to 10 feet long. Heavy duty cardboard tubes are provided to protect your poster while transporting. Tubes are custom cut to fit your poster and are provided free of charge. What types of payment are accepted? Internal Charging - when you submit your order form, provide us with either a WBS element number (10 digits) or a fund center number (8 digits). The common parlance for this may be “account number”. Your invoice will be submitted and processed through SAP (the college’s internal financial system). Checks are also accepted. NYP users contact us for instructions.


Ron Phillips, Manager, Biomedical Communications

Donald Lasorsa, Production Technician

Raul I. Padilla, Production Coordinator

Kenneth Watson, Production Supervisor

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