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Courage Under Crisis: Early Graduation
By Rebecca Snyder on April 7, 2020

In response to the growing threat of COVID-19, medical schools throughout New York have provided fourth-year medical students with the option to graduate early.  While this choice to accelerate commencement...
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COVID-19 Update
on March 16, 2020

Onsite appointments in the Medical Center Archives at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine will be on hold beginning March 16, 2020, as a precautionary measure against the spread of the coronavirus...

Happy Holidays from the Medical Center Archives
on December 12, 2019

Musical and theatrical shows by students have a long tradition at Weill Cornell Medicine.  Throughout the college’s history, medical and nursing students performed plays, skits, and musical numbers for the...

The Heberden Society presents Dr. Jeffrey S. Reznick, PhD
By Nicole Milano on November 7, 2019

John Galsworthy (1867-1933), recipient of the 1932 Nobel Prize for literature, was one of the best-selling authors of the twentieth century. While his name has become synonymous with The Forsyte Saga, the epic...

Join us for the Heberden Society!
By Nicole Milano on October 10, 2019

As caricature evolved from its origins as a practice designed to liberate artists from the constraints of Renaissance Idealism into a tool for social satire and commentary, medicine emerged quickly as one of...
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