NIH Expectations

Describe what standards, if any, will be applied to the scientific data and associated metadata (i.e., data formats, data dictionaries, data identifiers, definitions, unique identifiers, and other data documentation).

Adapted from: Writing a Data Management & Sharing Plan

Why is this being asked?

One of the driving forces in enabling data sharing and reuse is interoperability, or how your dataset can be combined with other datasets to enhance discovery. In order for that to occur, similar data need to be described using similar metadata and using, if possible, similar data standards. Not every field uses standardized data formats yet, but every effort should be made to reconcile your data and/or metadata with known standards if possible.

What to Include

Metadata Standards 

Data Standards

  • Data standards describe in detail how the data itself will be captured and described. This is often field-specific, and your field might not gave an established data standard. If applicable, choose a data standard from the following lists: 

Sample Responses

  • All metadata will be structured using the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set. There are no formal data standards regarding data generated in this project, but all data will be made available in an open format when possible and a README file detailing the structure of the data will be made available.

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