Weill Cornell Medical College (Cornell University Medical College), 1898-

Note: Institutional records are closed for research until 25 years after their date of creation.

Below is a partial list of archival holdings:

Administrative Records

Board of Overseers, 1980-

Board of Trustees (Cornell University), 1936-1982

Office of Alumni Relations, 1958-

     PDF icon Office of Alumni Relations, 1958-1990

Office of the Dean, 1898-

     PDF icon Office of the Dean (William Polk, G. Canby Robinson, Walter Niles), 1903-1934

     PDF icon Office of the Dean (William Ladd and Joseph Hinsey), 1893-1956

     PDF icon Office of the Dean (John Dietrick), 1936-1973

Executive Faculty Council, 1932-1977

General Faculty Council, 1972-

Departmental Records

Department of Anatomy, 1910-1937, 1975-1977, 1985-1988

Department of Anesthesiology, 1949-

     PDF icon Department of Anesthesiology, 1949-1972     

Department of Bacteriology, 1935-1943

Department of Biochemistry, 1928-1937, 1967-1975, 1986, 2004-

     PDF icon Deparment of Biochemistry (Vincent Du Vigneaud), 1938-1969

Department of Chemistry, 1918, 1928

Comprehensive Care and Teaching Program, 1952-1974

     PDF icon Comprehensive Care and Teaching Program, 1952-1974

Cornell Clinic, 1913, 1922-1932

Cornell University Medical College Library (later Samuel J. Wood Library), 1917-

Crash Injury Research Project, 1942-1968

Department of Dermatology, 1936-

     PDF icon Department of Dermatology, 1935-1985

Department of Medicine, 1907-

     PDF icon Department of Medicine, 1907-1990

Department of Microbiology and Immunology, 1960, 1979-

Department of Neurology, 1904-1930, 1968-

     PDF icon Divsion of Human Ecology, 1956-1974 

Department of Ob/Gyn, 1932-1995

     PDF icon Department of Ob/Gyn, 1932-1979

Department of Ophthalmology, 1980s

Department of Pathology, 1899-1953, 1971-1988

     PDF icon Cytology Laboratory, 1947-1971

Department of Pediatrics, 1921-1970, 1974-

     PDF icon Department of Pediatrics, 1961-1980

     PDF icon Department of Pediatrics, Institutes for Physicians and Nurses in the Care of Premature Infants, 1949-1980

Department of Pharmacology, 1914-1978, 1982-

Department of Physiology, 1907-1940s, 1960s-

Department of Psychiatry, 1915, 1921, 1926-

     PDF icon Department of Psychiatry, 1932-1989

Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, 1922-

Russell Sage Institute Pathology, 1915-1916

Department of Surgery, 1916-1978, 1986-1995, 2002-

     PDF icon Department of Surgery (Paul Ebert), 1932-1975

     Division of Plastic Surgery, 1960-1968

Department of Urology, 1927, 1929-1935, 1964-1998

Other Records

PDF icon Affirmative Action Committee, 1970-1987f

Alumni Association, 1899-

     PDF icon Cornell University Medical College Alumni Association, 1928-1978

Announcements (Catalogs), 1898-

Cornell University Medical College Bulletin, 1911-1932

PDF icon Crash Injury Research Project, 1942-1960

PDF icon Navajo Cornell Field Health Project, 1922-1997

Student Records (including yearbooks, commencements, prizes), 1898-

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