Duplicating Services - Posters

Posters and Banners – For poster and banner printing it is best to submit pdfs.  Users design posters or banners most often using PowerPoint or InDesign. While most find PowerPoint easier to use, InDesign is more powerful and flexible.  Whichever program is utilized, design the poster to the actual size you wish it to be printed.  For best results, avoid scaling it up from a smaller size.

Poster Mounting - Posters can be permanently mounted onto foam boards. Two standard sizes are available, 20”x30” or 24”x36”.  Design the poster to the actual size you want it printed. If your poster is smaller than the standard board it can be mounted and trimmed to the exact size of your poster.  Posters mounted on foam board are sometimes referred to as “easel posters” as they are usually displayed on an easel.