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Pioneers in Reproductive Medicine: Vincent du Vigneaud, PhD
By Elizabeth Shepard on June 5, 2019

Nobel Laureate Dr. Vincent du Vigneaud pioneered research in oxytocin during his long career at Cornell University Medical College (now Weill Cornell Medicine.) Oxytocin, a polypeptide hormone, is responsible...
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Pioneers in Reproductive Medicine: John MacLeod, PhD
By Elizabeth Shepard on May 10, 2019

Scottish scientist John MacLeod was a leading expert in male infertility and the behavior of the human spermatozoa. In 1938 he received an offer to head the male infertility clinic at Cornell University...
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Red Red: The Medical Center Falcon
By Elizabeth Shepard on March 20, 2019

Hear that screeching?  Spring is here and the medical center peregrine falcons are in their mating season. The Medical Center Archives had its first falcon sighting of the year on March 13th!  Their story...
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New Exhibition! Dr. Henry Heimlich: Maneuvering His Way into Medical History
By Nicole Milano on November 19, 2018

President Ronald Reagan. New York City Mayor Ed Koch. Actress Elizabeth Taylor. The Heimlich maneuver is credited with saving the lives of these and many others since its invention by Dr. Henry Heimlich in...
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