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24/7 Study Space and Group Study Rooms

24/7 Study Room Policy

  • During the times when the library is closed, the 24/7 Study Room is available only to Weill Cornell medical, graduate and PA students, clinical fellows, and residents. During regular business hours, all are welcome to use the space. Library and ITS staff may occasionally pass through the space for operational purposes.
  • The 24/7 Study Room will be available only via swipe card when the library is closed. Please use the door to the room located in the Lasdon Biomedical Research Center corridor (past the Griffis Faculty club) only when the library is closed. At all other times enter the library through the main entrance.
  • If you are studying in the main library during closing you will be asked to leave the library and re-enter the library through the Lasdon Biomedical Research Center corridor door.
  • Under no circumstances should you swipe in or open the door for anyone else, or prop open the door. This is a matter of security and your personal safety. If you notice anyone doing so, see someone who is not a student or resident in the space, or have any other concerns please call Security: (212) 746-0911. A security officer will be making frequent checks throughout the night as well.

Group Study Room Policy

There are three Group Study Rooms in the library, intended to support the curriculum activities of the institution. Therefore, priority of use must be given at all times to Weill Cornell Medical and Graduate students. The rooms have been designed for groups of 3-5 people.

General Policies
  • Group Study Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis during the hours the library is open. When the library is closed, only WCMC Medical and Graduate students have access to the 24/7 area where the rooms are located.
  • The rooms are intended for groups, defined as 3-5 users actively using the room. Single users will be asked to move if a group is present and ready to use a room.
  • WCMC Medical and Graduate students have priority use of these rooms at all times. Other users will be asked to move if a group is present.
  • Group Study Rooms are intended for collaborative work and may not be used for regularly scheduled seminars, classes, club meetings, or other extra-curricular activities.
  • A room may not be reserved or "held" by one person if a group is present and ready to use it.
  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended in a Group Study Room, and leaving belongings in a room will not serve as a means to "hold" a room for later use.
  • Group Study Rooms may be used for up to 2 hours per day per group. Please be respectful of others waiting to use a room.
Responsibility of Users
  • Do not leave library materials in a Group Study Room and remember to return all materials charged out to you, including laptops, to the SMARTDesk when you leave.
  • Chairs and tables may be rearranged within any Group Study Room but should be left neatly arranged upon departure.
  • Do not move furniture in or out of Group Study Rooms.
  • Rooms must be left in good condition for the next users, including erasing the white boards.
  • Food & Drink - As per ourĀ Food and Drink Policy, small snacks and covered beverages are allowed in the Group Study Rooms.
  • Cell Phones - As per ourĀ Cell Phone Policy, cell phones may be used only in the Library Commons.

Each room is equipped with a conference table, four chairs, markers and erasers. If needed, more markers are available at the SMARTDesk.