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Citation and Research Impact Services

The Weill Cornell Library offers services to help you track the impact of and increase the visibility of your scholarly output. Through the use of the VIVO database, members of our team can generate publication and citation reports for grant renewals, annual reports, tenure considerations, recruiting activities, and and any other project requiring detailed publication tracking. If you are interested, please send a request to with the details of your project.


What is VIVO?

At Weill Cornell Medical College, VIVO acts as the researcher profile system. Invented at Cornell University, VIVO is a NIH-funded research networking tool. Weill Cornell was one of the original implementation sites. For more information about the software, see

What can VIVO do for me?

The primary goal is to offer faculty and researchers a polished and accurate web presence. To that end, we bring in data only from authoritative sources. In particular, we have tried to ensure that your list of authored journal articles, including those from previous affiliations, is accurate and complete.

Having accurate metadata about you and your work allows you: to attract funders, collaboration opportunities, and receive proper credit for your activities.

Who is in VIVO?

At present, VIVO includes all faculty with a Weill Cornell appointment as well as postdoctoral associates or fellows with a primary affiliation of Weill Cornell. We also plan to create profiles for graduate students. Note that all users in VIVO must already have Center-Wide Identifiers (CWIDs).

VIVO Dashboard

VIVO Dashboard is a tool for answering questions about the publication record of academics and students at Weill Cornell Medicine. It includes all types of articles, including academic articles, reviews and editorials that are authored by Weill-employed full-time faculty.

VIVO Dashboard has three distinct tabs that perform different searching functions:

  • Publications: Search for publications using various filters such as Date, Journal Ranking, Journal Name, Author Name, Primary Department, First/Last Author, and generate downloadable reports
  • Citation Lookup: Convert citations as they appear on a CV into PubMed Identifiers (PMIDs)
  • Citation Impact: Assess the number of citations a given person or group has received relative to peer publications (privileged access, requires login)