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Non-English Consumer Health and Patient Education Resources

To find consumer health materials in non-English languages, search by ethnic group or language spoken, i.e., Cambodian (group) or Khmer (language). Where possible, search by both the English name and the name in the target language (if Roman alphabetic), and use variations with and without accents and special characters, i.e.,  Spanish or Español or Espanol.

Web-Based Materials // Multiple Languages & Topics

  • EthnoMed - patient education resources; culture-specific pages (links to materials for target groups in their own languages); a patient education section (materials on tuberculosis, diaper rash, fever, vomiting and diarrhea, cough and cold in Cambodian, English, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese and more)
  • Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse - PDF files covering a myriad of health topics in a variety of languages - some of the content is state-specific.
  • MEDLINEplus - from the National Library of Medicine - search by "foreign language"
  • Immunization Action Coalition - print materials available in a variety of languages
  • The Rosetta Project - Archive of 1,000 languages searchable by language or country - see alternate names.

Specific Languages

WCM/NYP Resources