Library Bioinformatics Service

The Samuel J. Wood Library Bioinformatics Service, includes consultations, demonstrations and walk-in clinics. This service is open to faculty, staff, and students. Come and discover the tools and methods available to help you in your bioinformatics:


• KEGG, CoExpedia, Genbank, ClinVar ...


• Galaxy, R, Python, IPA, Cytoscape ...

Electronic lab notebooks

• SciNote, Jupyter, LabArchives

Data management

• Research workflow, data curation, provenance, FAIR criteria ...

Sequence analysis

• BLAST, conserved domain searches, multiple sequence alignment ...


• tree construction, comparative genomics, measures of selection ...

Gene expression analysis

• qPCR, RNA Seq, microarrays ...

Network and pathway analysis

• CytoScape, IPA, GeneSpring...

Data Visualization

• Cytoscape, Python, R-Studio ... 

Demonstrations and workshops in data science and genomics

  • Interactive workshops in R, Python, SQL, command line scripting, and genomics
  • Instructors are certified by The Carpentries organization for teaching data science and genomics
  • Workshops are listed in the events tab on the right, and through the Weill Cornell News listserv

Walk-in consults

Wednesdays, 1-3 PM at the Library Surface Hub

• Get assistance applying the demonstrations and workshops to your project.
• Get answers to your bioinformatics questions

One-to-one assistance

Email to set up a time:

• For more detailed assistance