Weill Cornell Medicine Samuel J. Wood Library

WCM/CU Visitors at Weill Cornell-Qatar

Welcome Cornell faculty, staff and students visiting Qatar! The staff and resources of the Weill Cornell-Qatar Distributed eLibrary is available to you to support your research, learning and practice.

Accessing Electronic Resources

The electronic collections available to the Cornell community vary among Cornell campuses and branches. All visitors to the Qatar branch will be able to access WCMC-Q resources via Distributed eLibrary, provided that they have been logged in as a guest on a library computer by library staff.
Visitors are not able to access licensed resources through our website remotely (e.g., from a hotel room). Visitors who need remote access to library resources should access their home library's website and authenticate themselves as per usual.

Searching the Online Catalog

The WCMC-Q Distributed eLibrary's catalog is freely available from any location. Only on-site or remotely authenticated users will be able to follow links into licensed resources such as e-books, e-journals and databases.
If you want to search for materials across all Cornell University libraries, you can use Find It and select those catalogs, or you can search WorldCat which covers these libraries among many others.

Borrowing Library Materials

To arrange for borrowing materials, please contact the Distributed eLibrary: (974) 492-8100, to set up an account.

Copying and Printing at the Library

All on-campus visitors can use the Distributed eLibrary's copying and printing facilities free of charge.

Requesting Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery

To arrange for Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery, please contact the Distributed eLibrary: (974) 492-8100, to set up an account.

Using Your Laptop in the Distributed eLibrary

There is no network (internet) access available for non-WCMC-Q computer equipment. You may use your laptop without network access, or library staff can sign you in as a guest on one of our computers to access the network.

Consulting with an Expert Staff Member

Expert assistance is available in person, or by phone: (974) 492-8100. Ask to be directed to the Reading Room. Visit How Do I ... ? for online help guides from the WCMC-Q librarians.

Finding Research Collaborators and Resources

Use VIVO, the Virtual Life Sciences Library, to discover who's working on a particular research topic, where they've taught and published recently, what facilities are available, and what online tools can expedite your research.